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Rosila Tea

100 Grams

– Help in fighting Blood Pressure
– Help in fighting Blood Sugar
– 100% Organic Green Tea
– Single Garden Tea
– Rich in Antioxidants
– Assam Tea

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Roselle is an amazing fruit and goes very well with tea. Petals from Roselle is separated, processed and mixed with tea leaves in order to make Roselle tea. The slightly tangy taste and the beautiful red colour of the tea will blow your mind. It is good for your liver health, full of antioxidant and help fight bacteria. Basundhara’s Roselle tea is one of the highest selling products.

Ingredient : Dry Organic Roselle petals, and Organic Green tea leaves

Note: Container  of the shipped product may be standup pouch or Cardboard container as displayed on the image.

Get fresh green tea in 4 easy steps.
1. Heat fresh water just short of a rolling boil
2. Steep one teabag/2 grams tea leaf in a cup and pour freshly boiled water into it
3. Cover with a lid and brew for 2 to 3 minutes to suit your taste palette ( brew for longs if you want strong taste)
4. Discard the Tea Bag/tea leaves and enjoy your Tea

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