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Oolong Tea

100 Grams

– Helps Fight Obesity and Promotes Weight Loss
– 100% Organic Tea
– Single Garden Tea
– Rich in Antioxidants
– Assam Tea

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Oolong tea is one of the healthiest versions of tea. Including oolong tea in your daily diet can be really helpful in achieving good health and boosting immunity. This tea is very mild in colour and flavour and is full of goodness. It is good for weight loose, digestion, stress release etc.

Ingredient :  Organic Oolong Tea

Note: Container  of the shipped product may be standup pouch or Cardboard container as displayed on the image.

1. Heat Fresh water to boiling point. Let the water cool for about 2 minutes.
2. Place the oolong leaves( 2 grams per cup) directly into your teapot.
3. Fill the pot with hot water, allowing the leaves to sit for no more than 5 seconds, then discard the water. We refer to this first steeping as the rinse. This will help to initially unfurl the leaves, which facilitates further extraction in later steeps.
4. Once again, fill the pot with 190℉ water, pouring directly over the leaves. Wait approximately 10-20 seconds, then pour the tea through a strainer into the glass pot. Next, pour tea into the tea cups from the glass pot. This will ensure that each individual is experiencing the same flavor in each pour.
5. Continue steeps as many times as you like, adding 5-10 seconds to each. As time passes, look to see the evolution of the leaf and the deepening of the liquor color. Most importantly pay attention to the changing flavor with each steep. Once the strength of the tea no longer comes through, the leaves have been fully extracted.

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